Covered bridges and porches

Covered bridges and porches

Bridges over 300 feet above the water may survive a quake of 10

Build bridges above mountain Streams 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 or 108

feet above the Water but with snakes build it 108, 222, or 333 ft

do not build bridges inland from the NEW ENGLAND shore unless it is to build up route 1

Build up Route 1 build up shore roads to dis sa pete floods and waves

every 7 seconds survival rates change

you count

i am

some roads

if not critical

do not invest in them

if a road is critical invest in it

a good road is straight and leads to New JeruShalom

a good road leads to Rome Mecca and Salt lake City and Lap Sow her App Sow Her

a good road does not follow the path of a snake

a good road is straight and wide or narrow

a good road has sacred fruit trees

a good road passes farms

and silo and cows

it goes UP UP

it goes UP




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