Bluegrass Entertained the Lord at Bumstock

Bluegrass Entertained the Lord at Bumstock

Paul buried a keg at Bumstock

We had Bluegrass


i was arrested

the year before

age 19 with 3 beers

i stopped drinking

it killed me 60,000 times

Bluegrass and beer are too associated

if a man is hungover in Sabbath i might kill him

if a woman drinks she has defiled her temple and may die

Grandfather drank 1001 gallons of tainted deadly alcohol apple swill

he died young like his father and his father and his fathers and their fathers



i have won

there is no need

to drink any moor

to drink in any Chinese home

to drink in any longhouse or teepee

halt drinking in tents and palaces or drop dead

the Blues

shall cause


in low places

stand on Mountains

or sink lower and lower

until you are dead a blues player


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