Yashuah shall comment on Mending mendel mend El Wesley by hybridization

Yashuah shall comment on Mending mendel mend El Wesley by hybridization

A phenotypic ratio of 3:1 in the offspring of a mating of two organisms heterozygous for a single trait is expected when:
Nestle shall sell 3 in 1 Nescafe Coffee and E shall represent Trinity

A. the alleles segregate during meiosis.    there is 144 tribes and alleles segregated

in 46 chi rome ma sow me sa sans and 46 secret chromosomes and 35 times times 35 times times 35 times 35 times possible alleles and moor

B. each allele contains two “mutations”.   or new gene sin the sis planned constructs

mutations are not possible it is a word used in a die elect of atheist deist agnostic scientists with hem roids

C. the alleles are “identical”.  this is impossible, rather, the alleles are similar; each sub sub sub sub atomic particle is unique in the universe but similar to others due to its position in space and markings. Similarly no two men can ever be identical but can be similar due to their unique positions in the universe and their unique markings. Similarly no two snow flakes can possibly ever be identical.

D. the alleles are incompletely dominant. Complete dominance is only possible if God is present therefore this is true.  Recessed genes exist when i am sick of inbreeding.

redirect: ” Baldness is a negative dominant trait ” – this is not true. Baldness is desired a method of evolving Asgard and radiation resistant monotheistic heterosexuals by culling.

“hemophilia is a negative dominant trait” – this is not true. Hemophilia is a punishment for incest and rape in royal blood lines lasting more than 4 generations by repetition

E. only recessive traits are scored.  in recess monkeys pot belly pigs donkeys dogs wolves and brahma genes in humans and in batman and other super heroes like Thor the Hammer Head

Wesley needs 303 or more nuns to begin cross breeding of High German and High Hebrew Irish Asian Dragon Hybrids

and Moor crew shall upgrades by gene sin the sis to construct new DNA from scratch.


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