i demand NASA to provide me with help for training purposes

i demand NASA to provide me with help for training purposes

for example

calculate the exact time of the low tide closest to November 7th 2265 at 10 AM EST

and what the tidal times shall be for 50 days 

Saint John may be save and tidal times i may change by striking the moon

“O Fortunati Quorum Jam Moenia Surgunt”
(Latin for, “O Fortunate Ones Whose Walls Are Now Rising.”
or “O Happy They, Whose Promised Walls Already Rise”

oh Saint John i shall try to lower the tides in Fundy 

for exactly when the large waves strike 

another option is a tidal 

Move boats up the moors west of ST JOHN

MOVE ships into Digby also

some ships can be in the deep water of 1400 feet

just evacuate the shore on November 7th 2265 

but the flood shall wash in from the ST JOHN RIVER and pulverize everything

thanks to the NASA Computers they are useful i recreated them in salt

salt can be brains sa=flesh=life=pillars of salt= estra brain capacity

eXtra = estra in Es-true-auri i store much salt

 eX = ES 

X = E for a woman can become pregnant with an Elohim on my Thought

on Oct to November 1-5 for 1 month 4 days let ships on Earth capture any creature that is edible and place it on ice and then go to deep water.\small boats can be pulled on the week before the 6th and taken up

do not store ships on the small boatyards

the shore is a crew sable  a crucible a crew poi grinder beware a nut cracker a hammer smashing a wave breaking smashing Thor’s Hammer 

i was the soul machinist at nautilus marine engineering in WESt Tree mont

beware of bay waves smashing everything some isles are protected

St John shall be melted in the ice age so build a High Temple

place Golf Courses where masons can carry bricks and stones and mortar

cement and tile and build stout walled megalithic Temples of old 

the larger the stones the better 

granite oak trunks may endure the shaking

chisel my DNA in the stones a double helix spiral



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