Elohim Was at Fort Drum to Disarm

Elohim Was at Fort Drum to Disarm

i placed gems and metals at Fort Drum

go to hell 

dis is the underworld

Heaven is the surface

get your fucking camo shit out of sight

get into the belly of the Earth

go into the beast and penetrate the bitch

dig a mine be mine or i shall annihilate you

Ann isle is late i am taking what is mine

you dinks have high kill es tore all 

try some fight toss steriles

the 10th mountain Die vision needs in tense fucking

they need to fuck the Earth 6 days per week

they are the 6th legion 6 is sex the roman number sex

the 10th needs in tense at ten shun relocate hookers for marriage

arrest all new york whores and hookers and high school cum sluts or die

i was there so there is metal and wealth under the surface in DIS ARRAY

dig into the places i camped when i won my letter of commedation

and my army achievement award

do as i say or lose more money



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