Elohim increases Human Kind intelligence

Elohim increases Human Kind intelligence

but this is affected by pills for slumber

i ma increasing mantra rays

i am increasing jelly fish and plankton

i am increasing eggs and all gametes

i am splitting single cells into 2 cells

i am increasing golgi on gold cells

i am making silver gold allow and alloy

33% silver and 66% gold

re pete ing

i am increasing pewter and pews for ewes

Shem can care for hems

each womb has a hem

Dr spock is a jew because Yashuah is logical

zealots are often jealots jealous if Yashuah has 30,000 personalities

it pisses them off in their china shop

so they threaten to smash some dishes

Sarah is a tray aft her all

many jews are mad Arabs have a language other than Hebrew

but when iran claims it shall eliminate israel i wonder how they can move the sun

or relocate the universe i am all Energy all of it kinetic and po tens shall

i am is RA EL and NE PAUL

Neon signs light up because i exist

i am NE

there is 35 holy cities



Lapp Sow Ap Sow

Mount a negro

Caucasian Colombia cock Asians

Bang Cock

sow many holy cities

hole lee sit tease

sat all lights of JEW pit her

my son he is like Elijah or Jesus sow am I

A line of kings is all similar but points new and older

A King is two lines and meeting 3 lines a trinity of lines’

A Kin is gold in a kings sac cloth see lot a ha pillar of salt

a K is a trinity of lines so Catholics have 100 trillion examples of trinity

kala ka ala the immortal Yashuah a merciful and kind god of infinite names

of jews and lost jews and new religions which have their blessings

as the lord shines on even all men on the earth even prisons and deserts

he leads me to green pastures when i have nothing

is rye el  i love reuben but he drinks too much

i love a swiss reuben with russian dressing it harms my heart’

i shall stop now and eat some fish

and crackers


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