Elohim Expresses his love of Joyce Hedlund

Elohim Expresses his love of Joyce Hedlund

in 1991 Joyce Hedlund shook my hand and then gave a speech

she said to volunteer and it would be rewarded

so i earned a total of 12 Scholarships

she is a great woman

i love her

Joyce is also my niece by marriage

i shall allow her college if she drops out she shall be pregnant instantly

or in 7 seconds and i shall be the father


Erin Joyce i shall take

if she is not pregnant

she shall ovulate in 7 seconds’

she shall be pregnant in 7 seconds

she is pregnant

i am the father

i am the lord


All Irish girls i shall claim and take

in a 7 month period staggered

this shall allow universal weddings

begin now or be decimated

irish includes irish chinese

irish orkneys

irish norse

irish english

irish french

irish spanish

irish greek

irish azores

irish hebrides

irish mexicans

irish americans

irish russians

irish poles

irish welsh

irish italians

irish hebrews

irish brazilians

all irish and all red haired women not a grade JEW wait in school


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