Elohim Addresses the Blackfoot Tribe

Elohim Addresses the Blackfoot Tribe

stay grounded up in Montana and in Alberta until 2263 then migrate to Montana of any south high Plato

Beware of any snake river you may eat snakes if any snake bites your horse

otherwise leave them alone

i demand each of the 33033 Blackfoot natives of your Blood to multiply and prosper

you shall not consume alcohol unless on Sunday as a tonic, just a sip a communion

this shall cause ann thai bodies to over come your weakness for alcohol

if you drink you shall just die

i never promised you alcohol i forbid it 33 times so you are stupid but i love you

i am sad there was 300,003 Blackfoot now there is 33033

if you drink and smoke during wartime you shall 

swindle to 3

if you obey me you shall multiply and prosper to 100 billion and screw 300 nations

We can all prosper and multiply if we have enough KY from Kentucky

ma oka yis ma i sin i siksika 

avoid dry low places in 2265

do not ever camp in a gully

but if Vikings come in wagons you can eat a Gull Y or a Gulliver in marriage

your golden fleece is scanned a navy Ann’s or any Ann’s or Ainu

sing and dance

have a gathering with other people

your tribe is too small now

gather together in october for octoberfest for JULY births for the all wives to survive and spawn

gat her to get her in the upper lakes of many fish and deer and bring dried buffalo

or JACK beef jerky

nitrates is not for a squaw

alcohol is not for a squaw or i shall slaughter you and cut out your tongue

i sow pro pole alcohol is deadly and can cause sids absorbed in the skin be aware

polish are your golden fleece all sow

There is minerals under your spears

all native reservations belong to the PEOPLE they alone have mineral rights

all native land is theirs no other government owns it by contract

A nation is a nation 

some tribes need help extracting large gems and oil

before negotiating send 35 braves to study engineering

if they drink alcohol they shall fight and fail and die

Alcohol kills native Americans like Ant and Roach killer

i forbid it because i love you


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