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blue flag iris roots have a skin irritant

blue flag iris roots have a skin irritant

i shall teach squirrels and mice to eat of it

then when they can eat it

i shall touch them and take of the necessary genes

i should be touching people but i am trapped

i should be touching people but i am stuck here in a time warp

because mortals are too slow

and immortals are too vain

the more i age the more people shall suffer

this is their own fault

i do not need your prayers

i need acts of the apostles now

i do not need your worship

i need acts such as a vehicle showing up to take me away

i do not need old witches who used birth cunt troll

reciting the hail mary

she used birth cunt troll also

i am a son of a bitch

i do not need jokes i need joseph to deliver my livers

i do not need songs i need dongs in my wives

i do not need preaching

i need reaching for erect nipples

i do not need spiritual blabber

i need spire them all lather

i do not need barking dogs

i need fucking frogs

i do not need money changing cat fish

i need to eliminate every male of the Tangins

i do not need hissing snakes

i need a hymen that breaks

i do not need slow growing banana

i shall require a gang bang for anna

immediately aft her pregnancy

humans the opening closes quickly

i shall make genes if you study this and are wishing me harm

i shall kill you with a charm

all charms in Pavilion i award special powers to protect all goodness and goodman and wisemen

this is the Pavilion mall of Binan i shall make charms there store life energy

i shall double this powers in 7 seconds

and now i shall triple it in 14 seconds

now i shall increase the neutrons in all charms of Pavi Lions and the Lions Clubs and Claws and LAWS

and the Bylaws of Elk and Masons but they must stop being drunkards

i shall pump neutrons into the pavilion mall for the last 3 months

i shall pump neutrons into water in binan for the last 33 years

i shall pump neutrons into elijah streams and Shalom Radio for 3 days

i shall pump neutrino into the Worth beganning in 2000

Fort Worth Texas i shall hide a prize

select a most high Temple Mount in Fort Worth

using a priest a rabbi an imam and a minister

then let them dig a pit for the foundations

dig for 3003 feet and use the debris for a Temple Mount

you may use your prize to build the Temple

also place an oil well in every McDonalds and Walmart parking lot corner

in Texas and Lay wes see Ana

i am sick of all your ass fault

drill for oil do something you bore me to death


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