A new shot for Cervical cancer involves Sodomy

A new shot for Cervical cancer involves Sodomy

it is the myrr double fuck cure MERCURRY

curry shall reverse mercury poisoning

curry is a cure obviously if you happen to know POPE PP PAPA Brahma

some lazy people do not like any subject with 30,000 and 3 names

but for you stupid people we have Nescafe 3 in 1 Trinity products

or just say GOD if you are lazy to see Allah has infinite moods and points to make

if i Wesley won 333 awards and i have 10,000 times 10,000 bodies

then just call me BENJI or the Augustinian Boy or PEACE

or George Alpha Al-Malik or Al-Cat-RAZZ

or the Rock

there is no cervical cancer for virgins

but for little fuckers they must be wed or dead or living in a nun monastic temple 

surrendering all wealth to the Temple Father 

i award 7 months or 7 weeks to be wed or dead or led to a nuns house to farm and serve

serve i call can sire or cervical cancer i gave you 13 years already

at 14 my second generation of kind are mature

i took charge in 2000

serve i call 

i am calling 300 nuns or moor or more or moore

mother Theresa Moore can be an RN or i spare her

she is pregnant it is my child and it cannot rape

she is in Ninevah

300 Nuns i call Serve i CALL or cervical cancer 3 in 1 i am

Nurses may be spared ANN Coyle i spare

she is pregnant in Ninevah

Ann Murray and Minister Murray i shall make each have 1001 sons 

i shall thus spared 1001 women of Cervical cancer Serve i CALL

SERVE i call i shall make 1001 moore Michael Murray Bicycles Bisexual women

Serve i call or you can have Cervical Cancer can sire or Cancer parish or perish 

choose 1 or the other 




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