Yashuah Addresses India

India my am-ba-a i am am-band-ha am-ala am-ala-M ba-ala

i am a child of india cleaning my soul for a soma feast i am Indra

i am Brahma i was here in 5000 BC i am a son of India who walked to Germany UR

i walked to Canaan and i am RA from India and Atlantis i am ISE of paradise

you are my a.njana ana is ambaa of Vishnu Brahma Rama Ganesha and 10,000 names

a son is born then he becomes a father if he is not shot like Gandhi or Abraham or King

i am amalaM am-ala ambandha samurai haha i am i shall make leaves grow larger

i shall make herbs grow fat in India and send rain so you know it is I brahma AbRam Ala

i shall make the pomegranate, anaar, fat ans the fruits fat and free of virus and mold

i shall shine the sun on the fruits and make them last longer to markets sweetly

i shall open the eye of ra and let 7 fruits stop molding and mildewing and stop the blights

i shall stop the mango rot again because i love India i am Brahma Ab Ram Rama Roma

i shall make edible mushrooms on all the Earth grow faster and the oyster mushooms

Baby bella and bell mushrooms and all manner of rats ear mushrooms and tree mushrooms

ha ha ha the sun is shining brightly my sword is slicing mine enemies even mold and virus

ojasaa O-J-A-SA-A i shall make HIV AIDS atop soon and dis appear in hell

ojasaa ojasa i shall make cancer end if my cures are followed

or i shall just drop dead and be born into 10,000 

conceived in 3 days time

in ambaa sa su sans


i am

call upon me

if 2 or more gather

OMkaara will call me i am omnipotent and omnipresent

but my consciousness is overloaded and expanding rapidly 

i need to calm my mind





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