Rules for Jousting

Jousting in came a lot refers to Bible Code and is a simple fertility ritual called gene sin the sis or pro teen sin the sis. Feel free to read my posts that open Pandora’s Box and all blocks on opening language truths which are infinite. Jousting has little to do with lances but in Excaliber the Casino in this case sin O or egg. 10 men shall post their erect penis and compete cum PETE for a ladies a maidens scarf or cloth. Her choice in the orgy awards a scarf and the champion gets to spend the night bonding with her. After 1,2,or 3 days she can select her God and master for all eternity. If a man is created in the image of God he shall represent God in his home or castle. In jousting men must be gentle and patient and shall not hit or engage in anal sex. Inspect men for lesions and there is a 6 month quarantine for any festival of eggs. All participants part tis see pants must purify  their body and be chaste and do volunteer work and purify in lent passover ramadan.

Christ must touch a woman before and after jousting even just kissing her hand. Christ does not need to sin but if he does he shall live longer. 

I shall take 1000 English women by immaculate conception

I shall demand they have a husband in 7 months or 7 weeks or 7 days

for every reap pun sell lacking her own king i shall eliminate 10 batch elders

Batch elders shall seek wives or be killed i am just

joseph means jo and joe jousts or presides over jousting or is a champion

stin refers to stein 

jousteinG is a fertile event making a baby in gene sin the sis

it must occur before the fill low pee Ann tubes close

if a woman is pregnant she must immediately joust 

she can refuse we are not rapists at Camelot

but who will make genes if no woman is brazen

vizen are needed lisa is needed for kings we need Mary go Rounds



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