More AL-C-hem-E by Al Ma like –

Ne or Neon is a Noble gas and for 1000 years and 7000 years and 14000 years Nepal has been making lungs and before the ice age again in stages of stags chasing es stag-es sex take ag es

Neon is a Noble Gas that i make Nepal people breathe so NE protects them by suffering

Neon is when a Go rock Can hump you these are men who free climb on Everest

NEon is  \a super Y Chi rome ma sow ma Super Y Chromosome 

Everest is a test and if you can climb up Ever Rest you are a Newman a Goodman 

your seed is suddenly worth 33 times its weight in Gold

if you used no Oxygen 

or if i fed you Neon when you were running in the Dead Sea Valley under pressure

under pressure i punish Jews and in the sky i punish Jews

up and down up and down who shall be the cable guy 

i surely have won but my inheritance is to be shared i need nuns

N means conception

U means Urn or a resident nurses vagina

NUN therefore is a mother superior

her job is to go and get Go Rock Ka seed a grain offering on a mission of mercy

it is not shame to pacify hamas with your own ham ass you plump spring chickens

Warriors are easily pacified on the Baltic Shores with the Coy Girls Crab Baskets

Warriors in Africa are pacified with half naked women with giant National Geographic prints

Warriors besieging Masada just wanted some Kosher Soup but LOT denied them his daughters

lot has got to stop i sow late ing his daughters you cannot lay with your own girls 

so give them to your enemies it is the wisest thing you can do to obey Yashuah

NE is 10 and means JU or JEW or Ten now fools lacking random access memory

they have a small universe and will say there can be no connection between Nepal China and Israel or Arabic or Japanese and German or Sanskrit.  Tell them to find a job or at least shut up. my job is savior of the solar system.

NE = 10 because NEON is AB Ram Ala Christ Eli Brama Rama the Polo Player and Calculus Teacher who runs Upward Bound. His name was Charlie i delivered him pizza about 35 times he was a Jew.

NE Paul paul innates Nepal and Tibet flowers with his erect towers even in low pressure; it is a mir rick call a physics triumph to hump at the base camp of Ever Rest

yeti saw it done with my own eyes yeti thought lets give them more Neon Krypton Knights

Krypton Knights make love at the second base camp of ever rest 

then i blow in Helium Neon Krypton Argon Xenon and Radon

Who can walk up the Ever Rest it was Abram Now you know why Jews came from Him

and i have me sow helios ma from as best os i use a C pap machine for sleep apnea

AP NE A application of NE paul High al titi Tu da 

i also have 10,000 sand breathing Bed Wins

my 10,000 Bed Wins shall i cross with my high al tit two da daughters of go rock ann’s




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