Jesus and Yashuah and Ala Freaks love Bob Dylan

Elohim loves Bob Dylan

i had 7 of his tapes and albums

by the dirt beneath my nails, he knew i wouldn’t lie

Fate and Hope were with me at the park watering the Jack Fruits

We watered the Bean Stalks 

We watered the Banana

Hope was hoping i could fix his bicycle 

so i borrowed a screw driver and fixed it

they say MA BE GOT means heavy

no shit sure lock i gott stein my wife now she is heavy

he is not be gott ten but we can get genes later at the GAP

Dickies sells dark blue jeans and genes at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Sounds like Bob Dylan Lyrics 

The good thing about Bob Dylan is a fan on him doing the Mary Go Round

he needs a May basket for his MAY POLE

we gott a lot of pole lute Zion as it is already 

Fuck you she ma if you can’t take a joke

Joe i said i do not want any more Rape Movies from Japan

i love Japan i shall decimate it anytime it needs it

reminds me of the dust bowl and the Irish potato blight

if the Irish refuse to fuck the World we shall push the issue

get me some tissue

you make me cry

how many roads must we go down

before i lose my frown

everyone wants to patch up down town

but it is 3 feet over sea level get a clue be a Jew

or at least a Shinto Catholic with lizards in the bell frig

down town is scary

Washington is about 25 feet above sea level

dum dums are lolly pops Jollybee aint got no veggies

down town is in a flood plain

yet the demo crazy rats keep voting money for the Down Town

Down town aint Gott no parking par king is in Maine and Binan

hitch hiking hit chi high king 

i am King 

just like Bob Dylan fans are for turning on


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