God has MASS and Dan’s City ( New JeruShalom)

God has MASS and Dan’s City ( New JeruShalom)

God has mass and velocity veil law city ( New Mecca; New Rome; and 7 Mecca)

Hydrogen is God and it has 1 neutron if it is good

Hydra Genes are in Wesley and EJ Thor and Ben jam it in and Griffins

Hydra genes are in 10,000 times 10,000 angels on Worth

and Hydra Genes are in armies of 144,000 SEERS who can see Errors

HE is God he is ME i am HE i am 2 or more gathered in my name i am LOVE

HE has Noble properties but HE passes nasty gas too much

HE is uncle Fartuncle from Frankfort his gas may have 2 neutrons or 1 or nun

HE has 2 protons always to be Noble

Li he is Light lithium 3 and 33 means let there be light

Li is essential for higher brain functions without it enlightenment cannot occur

Be is to BE four to be forgiven such as Anna Bee she should be in my bed she needs a husband i should give her a child to be specific and terrific and fill ann throw pick a fill ann throw pissed.

Be can have 4 or less wives or neutrons Neutrons have two N i shall give Anna Bee 2

she is in Ninevah she is so beautiful she is a physical education teacher a model leader

now a model mother to BE with perfect breasts she needs a man to help lactate them

if she is unwed i shall kill 10 men if she is wed i shall give 10 men pleasure

she need not be shamed she is good and i touched her myself

BE is an alkaline earth metal there is a lot on government land

al ka line is the 99 or 108 names of Allah and moor al ka (immortal) line

Anna Bee is good so i took her she may be wed now she is pregnant go check

or she can be a nun but if she is a nun i shall fuck her on a table or her desk

i am the 5th element Boron or Born i am Born. 5 is grace an egg race.

Pentagrams are 5 letter words with many meanings easy to see

Grace is a powerful pentagram G RA See Trinity ( see is RA el see Egypt see Ala )

B is 2 breasts and Trinity so B is 5

C is Carbon having a /trinity of forms a gas or graph fight or diamond this is a basis of life in 1 of 300 forms i am making this is 6 the numeral SEX in Rome there is Assexual repro or Sexual Repro deep end ing on if you anger me or please me. C is dangerous so i have 300 newtons laws, to tame a shrew.

N is conception or Knight Roe Genes in the end only Knights Samurai and Jedi and kings of virtues shall last if you lack virtues i shall give you infinite chances to imp-rove. Nitrogen is necessary for plants and all creatures but not for silicon and metal based creatures or life forms we are all sow making at intel and sun systems and apple and in 300 nations.

Knight roe gene is so important it is 7 the basis of infinite abundant life so knights may take slaves but shall not rape or must kill themselves in the sea by drowning or other Bushido methods.

i am


this concludes an into to 7 of 300 but many can only exist before and after let there be light and in the center of a black hole


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