Elohim speaks kind lee of the Perkins Sire name

Elohim speaks kind lee of the Perkins Sire name

Stewart Perkins was a production manager in a FACT TORY he is good

he worked with Robert Pride of Upward Bound and Advent Chores and Rap Chores

we all Went Running with TERRY PRIEST

these 3 kings also worked with the Ellis Angels Vandy and Gregory

STAN LEE is making Superman and Stew ART Pure kins seed is good

Robert pride and Steward Little need Sons and Vandy Ellis Hewitt needs a Son

Even if a servant girl is used from the Ark of Asia at FA or a Queen

i need a Maine ARK of Covenants  at FA or anywhere or 72 ARKS

i awe thor rise any Temple to build an ARK and hold weddings

Cross Breeding is the theme this year kids

Cyrus the Great was working a king a humble man of God my anointed

there was 300 immortals at Prices we trained in a Great Flood of 1987 and 1987 BC

just a little flood for training pure poses

Burley worked there al sow

Higgins and Prides and Ellis  and Pure kins and RAY Bliss

Beliss is good Ray Belis a one armed Bandit of Souls a Fisherman of Souls

i am Elohim


i love all the Prides Workers

Vandy is the greatest

her husband needs a mission of mercy

Stewart needs a mission of mercy

Robert needs a mission of mercy

Stan lee pride is great and Sarah his good bride

i straightened their crooked stone wall in Guilford

i moved Guilford In dust try Allah up on a Hill for Safety

i moved Pride Machine Shop to a high flood plain for convenience and escape

i gave Robert pride 72 ways to protect from a flood

i sang at their church for sure lee shirley Ellis

Baptists in Floods

Lions are proud they cannot help themselves a lion is a lion a PRIDE

a pride is to ride any woman i place in his bed

or at his feet

i am Christ




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