Elohim Remembers the Raven Haired Blooming Onions in Camelot

Elohim Remembers the Raven Haired Blooming Onions in Camelot

Saul is Buried plains had a Rave N infestation an Octoberfest sow all the July Births

Aft her that all of Europe had OCT Tao Bore festivals

for July Births when the berries come


Raven haired SARA

Raven haired Rose


Raven haired HANA

woking on the wa ter

Raven hair in Camelot did you ever hear of LOT ???

i came a LOT in Camelot in the Raven Haired Black Beauty

did you hear of Black Beauty in the Book of Moses???

Elijah and i were in Came a lot at the Color Wheel Barrows in sure would forest

we asked Sarah do ewe want another dick she said i sure would

Sarah loves big dicks thus try sarah tops was punished 

Sarah causes an arms race she likes Missiles

the bigger the better Frost Giant Rockets

something has to give

with Sara

no moor tall giant dicks 

unless a midget knocks her up first

or a pig me or a pygmy king or pygmy warrior

i am fond of Blue Ming oni ons at the World Fair or at Chowking

Joe Vee and i were just at Chowking with Ana and the hostess was a Blooming onion

if i see a woman she shall become pregnant

these are raven haired blue ming onions and oni ons wild devil fuckers all knocked up

i do not need to sin i can just look but to keep my body alive i should

Al go rite hymns predict who i shall fuck according to color wheels

making plaid fabric involves a we sley ma kin eg pa laid 

kilts in Scotland allow you to go to came a lot or avalon or midgard

or to row to gal isle lee with a car go of raven hair beautiful blue ming oni ons

or to go to the ass sores to pick up some water

or to stop by malta for some malted milk balls for the cargo

Blue Ming onions i love they are so sweet French Fried with ketchup

once you catch them you  dip them in vinegar and eat them 

There is also a under world trade route of the moors

of raven haired beauties and now they are in india a dime a do zen

Ama have a super su per su pure sue purr X Chromosome

as do Tibet and Nepal lungs from on high

We all need nude dills chinese pan sit noodles

or the pinay nude dills and the india nude dills

Englishmen and Germans need pan sit and nude dills and blue ming oni ons






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