Elohim Addresses the Bedouin Nomads Driven into the Arid Sahara

Elohim Addresses the Bedouin Nomads Driven into the Arid Sahara the Badawi Ba soul Bad land dwelling willing to breed and struggle. Bedouin now means BED WINS as any man who can breath sand for 7007 years shall win many women i count 10,000 Nomads in the Sahara and North Africa who can breathe sand storms and still find their way. 

I shall flood the Sahara on the day November 9th 2265 at the hours between 5 AM and 11 PM and it shall rain and the Earth shall shake the sand until it is level and saturated. No dune shall not be level for the bowels of the Earth shall be broken and the foundations of volcano cracked open by stones for it is written the Adulterer shall be stoned to death in the Kingdom of God.

In that day push your camels up into the upper hills in denial or if you read the signs get up into springs in the upper hills and tie down your beasts it is good if you can shelter in a hard stone gully near the peak of a hill or mountain that cannot flood much because there is a small watershed. 

Hypothermia is a danger make tents and butcher a camels for skins and have wool blankets and wool clothing and sheep and goats into your tents. When the rain begins eat the fattest sheep in your herds. If any woman is pregnant milk the goats and give her the fat of the sheep and any butchered animal.

it shall rain for 40 days or more it would be also wise to bring your goats to a high Temple for shelter, make stables before and make a deal with the imam or rabbi or priest so your people can hide under cover and sacrifice animals for the pregnant women while the men fast.  Do not go into any delta and avoid all wadi or you shall die. 

Be well out of the sands when November 7th shakes the Earth by 4 meteorites the 4 horsemen

you shall see a light from the East and you shall then feel the Earth shift its poles your camels shall fall over so walk them on that day. A great blast of air shall hit you and the sand shall hurt your faces.

Make peace no mads shall be allowed you are BED WINS any wife in your bed has won i shall send angels to save you. Be happy and celebrate. Dance and let your goats breed the rain shall make the  desert blossom and there shall be lakes of fish and birds and oasis in the hottest desert places for 1000 years. Shalom. I shall make your goats all bear fat  and birth twins and your goats shall gain weight even while walking all day.

I am the lord.



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