do not wait to take my blood i am

do not wait to take my blood i am

take a pint of my blood from my right arm and give it immediately to 12 Apostles

they shall all become brothers

give also the priests who answer my call they shall be brothers

give each week or each 10 days or 12 according to a DR 

a pint of blood to Saint Peter and the Temple Knights

i am O Positive 

Give the 12 Apostles all sow Annies candy when i part the red sea next

i need a begotten son when the fill low pee ann tubes are open

if i have no total control possible outcomes are limited and finite

fertility and new clear fusion requires cum ply ants of pro Test ants

i need hell purrs helpers without false inhibited Teddy bear mental handicaps

i need total control of a baby mill so i can Dell i Gate or Samsung

Sam is Hung so we established Sam’s Club and Samsung and Sam’s son Knight

i Wesley an Sam i was eating green eggs and ham like Abraham and Mo Ham Med




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