Al Wa Hid takes 10,000 more women by Immaculate Conception

Al Wa Hid takes 10,000 more women by Immaculate Conception

Al Wa Hid hides his circles which are eggs

Al Wa Hid can take any woman on the EVE of her Wedding or anytime

Al MA LIKE is AL WA HID he has 1000 names and 30,000 names and 3 trinity is 1

it is the RIGHT of a king to take any egg in his kingdoms

if a king can he can use Meiosis or Self Paul in Nation or Cross Breeding and Splicing

i Malic use ALL of them so my name is all sow Allah all ah is mine

i am so big when i explain things fools say ” AH ” for the first time

when angry men charge me i cut them in half i am the king of MAD RID

PAIN is most felt in Spain by left handed /empaths  with bipolar disorder

such was Abraham Jesus Christ and Mohammed Moses Ram Allah and Rama

they are all different versions of the Calm a Doore 64 Cyrus Doore the Great

Now we have Pentiums and Windows 7 and 10, 12, and 33

i keep doubling my servers by Meiosis

i am on Facebook

i am

Melissa is too and my cousins

my cousins are singing up a storm

i am taking women by touch i have anointed men

they shake hands and women get pregnant

in China they feared me so they bow instead of shaking the hands

but i created the mind meld and the seeing eye dogs who can see and impregnate

they are shriners in parades ( PA RAIDS EGGS )

also game show hosts are holy ghost hosts

and eating a hostess twinkie can make you pregnant

devil dogs can make a woman pregnant in pairs of 2 in masons temples





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