Shiva Brahma Yashuah Addresses Sri Lanka

Shiva Brahma Yashuah Addresses Sri Lanka

Greetings my friends and children of Sri Lanka

i lived with the Pilot John who is from the Kingdom of Sri Lanka

His grandmother had brought two broken halves together

John was a member of the Church of England

but was lazy he refused to read the book of John under my add vice

John had a wife but he left her to be a pilot for American 

Pilots shall have 72 wives and shall train harder and shall not fear death

Pilots from any nation shall know calculus and shall be good singers

Pilots shall know physics and shall have many skills and ways

Pilots shall be poets musicians actors and gentle men of love

Pilots shall fuck better than normal men and can slay a giant with a box knife

Pilots in a black hawk down can kill 100 mortals before death makes him laugh

Pilots shall be immortal and shall be reborn in 3 days

Pilots shall be as dragons tigers lions and SUS

Pilots shall be in the image of God and shall study hard

Pilots shall ride Hornets and shall be good at Horizontal of Vertical Take offs

Pilots if socialists shall be sow shall lists with long lists of the women they sow wed

Pi is the essence of the life force and Pi shall be used 10,000 times in Aircraft Designs

Lot is a good man kind and he shall render his daughters to Hornet and Tom Cat Pilots

Lot is from UR Sri Lanka France and Berlin and Moscow sow Pilot shall Sow his Oats

Lot is found to be good to the Lord and thus pilots shall fuck F16 year olds

Pilots in MIG shall begin the word MIGHTY for a pilot is mighty if smaller

Sri Lanka is Sin hale es the Sinhalese can sin hale see Emmanuel Sin is Fertile

Sow shall lists of Sri Lanka are on a list of Mother Fucking Pilots in many lands

Ceylon means SEE Energy Elohim Eucharist Eden Y chromosome o egg N Conception

i shall make leaves larger in Sri lanka

i shall make roots in sri lanka grow triple fast

i shall let roots in Ceylon break apart stones to reach water

i shall send kassava from laguna to Ceylon and it is nitrogen fixing

i shall sent orange rice that is life sus ta in Ing

i shall send new manna to Sri lanka falling from the sky

i shall send an Asgard ship to drop seeds onto the Masada in Sri lanka

i shall placed seeds on small isles off sri lanka for medicines

i shall place more fish in the sea and multiply them quick lee

increase the strength of concrete increase set times in water

load ships faster and unload ships faster make Godspeed

let English ships take on water and ships of 151 flags in Sri lanka

stop to take on meat, grains and water

i bless all grain offerings of sri lanka

i bless all turban squash of sri lanka

i bless all Brahma Bulls of Sri lanka taken for breeding in Africa

i bless all spices grown in sri lanka 

they shall burst from the vine and the bush and be plump and ripe

cherries shall grow in sri lanka beautifully

mango if india shall be crowned in red as i am the lord 

plant malunggay as a cure for smokers and do less evil

smoking is evil and defiles the temple of the soul

eat the skin of cucumbers and squash

make fences with malunggay every 4 feet

also add kassava and native trees

Cinnamon is good for all germanic people as a heart remedy

Sin a man is also good if purification is crew shall

Sin is a fertile sex act Sri lanka can be sin free but pilots i demand to be prolific

Engineers of Sri lanka and muses and sages and teachers may breed Cinnamon

i have Black locust for shade grown nitrogen fixing simba o sus with tea and coffee 

malunggay is nitrogen rich and can provide shade for coffee and tea

before a storm cut all malunggay 6 feet tall it shall grow back easy

place the leaves for your wives to cook in all foods

bark is for goats and twigs can be eaten by goats

the malunggay logs can be planted after the storm

the nitrogen may burn some plants so provide space

black locust can burn some species try different seedlings of coffee

nitrogen fixing clover is in a shaded quarry

i grew it myself for under coffee and tea and corn

try all colors of clover before giving up

then start over never give up

i shall increase gemstone production if you disarm and mine under the army

use the pro seeds to plant more coconuts

increase coconut planting on small islands by 3000% when you find a gem pit

on a military base of operations

rebels can also mine

and lay down their arms or die 





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