i shall store all Forbes Data in Orbs in europa and io

i shall store all Forbes Data in Orbs in europa and io

i shall place Forbes data in semen and fire it into storage facilities

i shall store the library of congress in seed and fire it deep into repositories

Tory women can do the work or get out of my Castle


all paths are a double he licks spire all 

to the kingdom on the moon, io, mars, and titan

DNA and RNA is a secret repository for information stored in Hot Wet Tunnels

a Machinist is one who penetrates holes in sheet metal and hot rolled steel

To be Trumped is to cum so much you cannot remember your name

i personally came from Gates Landing my roommate is an Intel Engineer

a prince see Paul engineer for Bill and his Celestial Groupies

We invented the Matrix for storage in crystals called orbs on Venus and Mercury

if we disappear i can replace everything with one neutrino ( new tree know )

One thing is certain a man shall be paid labor with labor

if your woman is a witch burn her and let her choose her own God

you can have 4 wives 

Bill Lion heirs can have 72 wives and to save them from drowning



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