Fate is helping the trees survive and grow in the Park for Seniors

Fate is helping the trees survive and grow in the Park for Seniors 

she shall be rewarded with a Christmas Tree

Ana and Fate helped and sow shall be rewardid with Christ Childs

and Jew leah childs shall be rewardid a bicycle someday soon

Fate is pushing fate and wants to be 22 already

Chiang was there with his daughter Destiny

They got rid of some 505 gay men who prevented an Emperor from fucking

it was just Jerry again asking to be moor Wealthy and as wealthy as Bill Gates

JoeVee gave fate her own Christmas Tree and i also promised myself to 

give JEW LEE A Childs a Bicycle since Fate keeps pushing me 

Jerry asks too many questions men are allowed 3 

already he is over his limit

next is limb bit

i spare him

four now

he had 4 lovers in his last life 

Fate and Jose Rizal were sharing Iraq’s Bicycle

Jose is lazy and does not see his potential this time

i planted a Jack fruit in front of Fate’s House but there was someone who hit it

sometimes i plant a tree 1000 times then call it Humpty Dumpty 

in 7000 years it is all back together again with extra Blue genes from the GAP

last time i was not a good artist i was just painting Buffalo in Caves

i was Gulliver and kind of stupid with a gold gull gulden liver

the own lee way i could think was with my Jelly Fish 

when Jelly fish bloom and algae and plankton

salt becomes a brain and i can cause chiange

China needed Chiange 100 years ago 

so Chiange kai shek became Shrek

i admit i have 10,000 bodies

i am a Shape shifting Jinn

God is in me

some shall say i am not God

but if God is in me

i am God

maybe you need logic lessons




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