Elohim speaks of the blessing of Swanson and Puritan’s Pride Herbal Remedy

Elohim speaks of the blessing of Swanson and Puritan’s Pride Herbal Remedy

do not say remedies since dies is not a cure or a curse it is a blessing

blessing of remedies is (less)+(dies) so therefore is less dies but notice the potential problems

diction and facts in language must be careful but car fuel is careful factored by pi backwards

the exact position of letters in words and phrases is all important and changes the Uni Verse

E is the most po ten shall of systems of 7 and 10

E is Everything Eternal and Elohim El-Ala Energy ( po tens shall and kin e Tic tac tao )

E is Elijah E(i)mmanuel Egg Nog Egg Su Fill Lay Egg FlowerSoup Eggs poached

Eggs scrambled  screw ram bled ( part the red sea 3 days and 2 days and 1 day

before ovulation. E = Eternity Ethereal Eden Everest E in Stein El-Aziz El-Samir El-Mohammed

Egg Pi Egg Pie Egg Crepe and French Creeps with Bipolar Disorder in UR

puritan’s pride is a collection cull elect zion for being denied death by select products which prolong life

Swans Son is the Editor’s Choice between the 2 as a Swan can fly 35053 feet to survive as ash flies

Chamomile is much better than rebels in Camouflage filling a mile long grave in Rome

i suggest rest to anyone who worked in a mine 10 hours today Swanson’s Products are good

Swanson Biotin is a staple of my diet for 5 years now or from Walmart

Christ my brother became an asshole

so he had HCBL Colon Helper

Slippery Elm Bark

Aloe Leaf

White Oak Bark

Blue Vervain Whole Plant

Gentian Root

Goldenseal Root


Christ is dead

so read the labels

Now i am Christ and he is in the Womb

in Ethan’s little blonde babe

Naples Florida i shall lift up slightly and Temple Florida when a pebble drops in the pond

Evacuate Naples before Nov 7 2265 10 AM EST

build up the Northbound road

have amphibian Tanks for clearing the road North

Have Amphibian Tanks all along Route 1 on a hill overlooking it

do not move but have deacon lights to draw people

you need your fuel to escape and clear roars to High Temples

it shall rain for 40 days

many muses are too pumped up

the most i have left is an orgasm or two

before i go back to stay with my wife


for any woman  taken by Joseph

i do want to know nuns

i shall not ever sleep with my own cousins

Chiang kai Shek and his friends can do that

i can do some match making

for the calm union nests

and the faithful al-like

i am Christ


there is a weed with 35 vitamins and new tree ann ta sa in all provinces and states of China Russia and the USA

and Indonesia, Malay, and the fill lip penis isles. all sow in the EU is a Eucharist plant with 35 good chemicals

Eucharist plants are in India called weeds by fools.  there is 12 Eucharist plants each with 35 nutrients.  Malunggay is one you can hunt for the rest.  on my mark get set …GO 5 per state.


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