Elohim Blesses the Teen age Children

Elohim Blesses the Teen age Children

i killed Go liath he is a liar at least when i lie it comes true

so unless you are ME do not lie

Goliath was champion of the fill less teens

he tried to slow the sale of pantene shampoo

i am willing to befriend in a treaty with the fill less teens

i am docking the State of Maine in Caste Teen

if the fill less teens agree

Date palms shall not be self Paul innate Ing any More

this means teens cannot date and fuck like college whores

when i was studying college whores one was dancing naked in a FRAT

she was working for tips and took many dick tips and a wine bottle

Fill less teens –

when you value Calculus Teachers over Jocks

then i shall engage in NAG go she ai Shuns with you pair Rants

otherwise i shall cunt in ewe Serve i call cancer in teens

SERVE I CALL cancer is for teens

if they hate the Fill less Teens

i love the Grade JEW Waits who graduate Virgins

you cannot concentrate on love and studying both it is HARD

you shall obey the law

or die

serve i call cancer is deadly

i am willing to deal a treaty with the fill less teens




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