AL WA HID heed my words has hidden 10,000 times 10,000 times 10 trillion trillion Wa

AL WA HID heed my words has hidden 10,000 times 10,000 times 10 trillion trillion Wa

AL-gorythms dictate the FATE and DESTINY according to the will of ALLAH El o HIM is RA EL

As-Salām Algorythms peace becomes possible when Allah Brahma Wills PEACE be Born

Rebecca Nurse was born in Salem Mass and murdered by Algorythms i am her nephew

if i am killed Algorythms shall take over and lay the Earth Barren and destroyed

Al-ʿAzīz is my friend and like a brother i love him even if he does not come

Al – Samir is glorious he is a vital part of Allah who has 10,000 parts or 10,000 and Moor

Buy Allah G is the will of Allah so birds fly and fish swim and we lay eggs in tubes

The lord separated languages into 10,000 tongues his Arabic name is Allah the Merciful

Al-Muʾmin i guarantee MU is in trouble and i offer help i guarantee shall help

Al-Quddūs has infinite names of course such as he who gives Kuddos

some people hate muslims

some people hate jews

some people hate christians

i shall sever them from my body

Al-ʿAzīz should come and be my soccer coach again and make me invulnerable

Al-ʿAlīm(b) moor at All limbs on Yggdrasil the sacred ASH the brown Ash

is-lam(b) moor as the lamb of God Ram Allah a Christ a Redeemer a Knower

i slam people selling tobacco to women

i slam people selling alcohol to arab nations

i slam people selling alcohol to mormons and moors

i slam planes into tobacco reps and children fighting over toys

i am thus most patient and merciful i kill 3333 instead of striking nuclear plants

i spared the pentagon since i need Max Noah and 10,000 ARKS

welcome to the Old Thyme Japanese theater enjoy the Drama of Rama

if 3333 die and 100,000 wife beaters die it was a good day get a clue

if you weep at funerals you are possibly an atheist an agnostic a deist  even dead


look under iraq troops

look in caves below them

if i have a religion it is called love

i like to go to the Jewish Catholic Saturday mass at the mall with all the open shops

Bingo is right there

i suppose i shall not blow it up this time

i love the Shinto Catholic Holy Family Shrine

the tiny dinosaurs have shrunk i am downsizing always my assets




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