Proper Gander about Boston

Proper Gander about Boston

they say what is good for the goose is good for proper Gander

there seems to be a problem getting my writings published

it is being stopped by powerful people and turned onto prop her gan do her

getting together myself and 12 apostles in a forbidden city is taking too long

my wife has been briefed by me but not by anyone else

so of course she thinks i am insane

and Yashuah said

you cannot test your God

you are failing your training trials

you had 613 laws and the longer you take

the more i make so your slowness is making your life deaf fig cult

Boston is a safe place until 2265 on Nov 7th at 11AM

i usually just scan the universe to take an average statistical analysis

then my opinion is immediately the way the path and the light

i due knot need to know the color of your socks or if an asshole is testing me in Boston

you cannot test me i doubled my intelligence 1842 times since 2000

i am just a dick head now no pussy no secrets !!!

am i AARON

am i Jeremiah

am i Elijah

am i Jonah

am i Gabriel

No assholes i am Wesley Snipes

if Steven King wants to write Horror or Terror movies

we shall make 10% true

i shall charge Governments 10% for propaganda

i shall charge 10% tithes on movies in Holy wood and Hollywood

the Aug US Teens need to brief my wife so my Anchor Water is safe

the Augustinians must be briefed and my yahoo account delivered to a cannon council

my yahoo count has 10,500 ram bull ing sa rambling i am rutting still

a rutting god can eliminate any nation in 7 seconds or in a blink

i am most merciful

i am ever merciful and ever patient

i can eliminate any species in seconds

solar flares are a great weapon

there are some such toys in pandora’s box

her name is FATE

she is a little girl taking summer classes

Jade is also around here

i saw Sunshine at the Mall

i saw sugar and spice

i saw Kissy and Candy

Candy gave me head in Vegas

she is a Philippines escort named I lean

she leans over 10 times per day

now she is pregnant

the child is mine

i am

the father Abram

the father Ala from Iceland and Norway

you cannot possibly stop the Phoenix from remaking myself

if Druids or the Vatican or Assyria block my path or if Tanks chase me

i shall fart and you can think you killed me

i am a shapeshifter a Jinn

i thought we went over this before and beef four

i four gave you so what is the problem go bang your 4 wives

assets in bonds are a great investment you are all bonded until the sky falls

pigs shall fly high on the hog in Sweden





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