North Carolina is Addressed by Elohim

I bless all land in South and North Carolina above 300 feet.

i bless mines under all army navy and training ROTC Corp or unit

A unit is disbanded without an E UNITE

A unit is already dead a UNITE is a Light burning brightly

le means the lee means 67 genes that can break cinder blocks in half 

a horse is a whore with 4 legs and less paint

blesses is the USA  Cavalry started by a POLE

paint in hell is to take pain

paint your face and you shall feel pain

Dukes are lords of WAR they are WARLORDS i say abide in peace

Duke University shall trained peace em miss Auri Rotary peace scholars

Stone Mountain should have a high temple and store and restaurant

Grayson Highlands all sow a high temple and store and well head and rest a rant

Hanging Rock State Park needs a High Temple and a Masada

Chapel Hill needs a mount and a Chapel

Raven Rock needs a Petra and a Masada and a High Temple

High Point needs an Ark a Farm and a High Temple and a Restaurant

Salem means peace therefore it must have a Green Walmart with extra inventory

and solar cells at cost for alternate roofing systems in North Carolina

Salisbury needs a large clock predicting the next 7000 spring solstice

Pisgah State Park needs an Ark a petra and a masada and cattle cows and goats

for milking and tarkins and scottish cattle

Shore parks shall be washed bare and shall be available for Canadian exodus or landings by ships or life boats. Have seed corn and squash seeds available and fishing tackle.

the barrier walls shall be larger dump some demolition debris and concrete waste and mine debris into the barrier isles for 250 years begin today

Eden may store a larger water source and make a high temple

avoid all elijah streams they shall rage as tore rents if you do not pay the rent

mine in the military park

quarry there and build a petra with a high temple

Build a High Temple in Every high Town but not ever in swamps

such as cedar rock park

cedar is for rutting deer and men as an el licks her an afro dee she yak

golden rod all sow is an afro dee she yak for cattle do not plant in green pastures

again, forest hills park is a good place for a high temple

the rivers shall flood 300 feet sow beware be a wa re 

lay down weapons of war and be mine

you are mine so mine or be destroyed

place prisoners into mines

if a man murdered free him in 10 years

if a man raped a woman or child

never let him go

forgive him if he kills himself

it is the way of the warrior





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