elohim Responds to i am for change’s Blog and metaphors

Ladies is a word i do not like
LA DIES in dick kates i shall sodomoze Loss angel Loss for crimes against Children
or breaking 707 laws
LAD DIES means ladies formula feed and thus torture their children
( i did have 35 sinus infections )
wake up all written word has 707 true meanings
there is 10,000 languages tongues and die elects
i am the Lord my intelligence is infinite
therefore you shall not dis cuss my suggestions
if i say Grasshoppers are your food
it is a LAW
or your crops shall fail
i am the Way the Light and I use infinite mathematics
i shall reborn Einstein and Newton in MAY
thus i shall teach them myself and we shall give you FUSION
as i am most generous and ever present
Deists may crawl to me and touch my feet and be healed
of all ills and diseases and faults
then i shall tell them to stand and make the Earth a Heaven


3 thoughts on “elohim Responds to i am for change’s Blog and metaphors

  1. I am sorry to have offended you so.. I however chose the word as I felt it appropriate and will try to find a politically correct one in the future. I truly would mean no offense and hope you may forgive my un intended provocation and the response it brought! Joe

    • i am not offended i am sow to anger and merciful and just on fire with passion i seldom sleep i enjoy your support and do not mind some criticism i liked your poem i was just pointing to dies in ladies i could also say that lies is in allies. i am good natured not provoked really if i was provoked the earth would tremble and the poles would shift,

    • it takes a lot to offend me since i know all the genes people possess and i know what their environment is. joseph is always my best friend when i come to towne. i am solomon and i am angry at the Vatican for ignoring my 10,000 Emails so i killed 10,000 of them also the masons mocked me and i keep releasing plagues using my staff for example 50 varieties of pro State Cancer, or Cane Toads in Australia and Texas. How many people do i need to kill before the Masons can recognize a beggar and stop looking up for the least among them?

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