Elohim Proclaims His Love of Cuba

Elohim Proclaims His Love of Cuba

when America was promoting whores and adultery smoking and rum in Cuba

i closed Cuba and gave it a better infant survival rate than America by far

i saved cuban babies and in Miami i brought 10,000 immortal dancers of Cuba

these were from an older Empire off Florida who slid into the sea

after a meteor shower an empire in Florida slid into the sea

but it lifted up Cuba ( Queue BA ) and Cubans became beautiful

the cuban men became good warriors and tortured by tobacco well

they became good swimmers and mountain climbers and survivalists

they became smaller since i plagued them with 1000 famines

downsizing involves islands shrinking in size and famines

but soon after tribulations Cuba shall double in size

after the ice age begins cuba shall take florida refugees

as they wash out into the sea and are lost in the currents

much debris shall wash up on islands collect it and store it

Arc hip el ag opperating sis tums of small isles must seek the big island in 2264

the Everglades shall become sea floor

the larger bahama are safe for high temples

Cuba is protected by Atlantic waves 50% by the Bahamas

Havana is not protected from gulf waves

salvage all metal in the gulf

relax you have 14 years to plan the next years until 2265

rejoice but waste no more time

have ANA is the capital of my World

Ana Adonai is having my second child

Havana shall get very wet and shall be flooded by 10 tsunami 3 times

but you shall have a warning by USA equipment to seek higher ground when the 4 horsemen strike i say mine the ground under the Cuban military and move mines inland 

some oxygen depletion shall take place when millions of micrometeors burn up ans some larger ones blow up ans rhwn 2002 volcano blow off steam and pressure

so olace barracks over mines 

seal vents when the time comes 

the 7 seas shall then give up their oxygen and many shall be weak but can survive

ama shall be safe

free divers shall be save

olympic runners safe

guru rock ka shall be safe

tibet monks and flowers – safe for seed

cuba is cuba

they may grow cigar ill lee huss and be cured of ling cancer

they may grow ma lung gay and be cured of cancer

they may stop smoking i free them from addictions 

but if they follow their ego they shall still smoke

i am




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