Elohim Addresses the Isle of Aruba Dutch Ann Till Lees

Elohim Addresses the Isle of Aruba Dutch Ann Till Lees

due knot do not use Rubbers in Aruba, neither sleep with a cousin in your own tribe

Dutch must shew and shun Dutch and Black Aruban’s shew and shun Blacks

invest in some Fill lip penis island unwed work hers work to get her 

work as a team to improve and imp rove milk and baby

avoid inbreeding downs babies and frogs with 3 tails

the original inhabitants fled the mainland for not paying tribe beaut to a king

Emperors and Kings must be given sexy sweet first lambs of the flocks

this is the law on this planet and Democracy is an experiment witch is failing

Democracy made 300 love canals and 300 super fun cleanup sites

lick it up YUMM masons shall fear no evil thing

masons shall become stronger each year

Dutch should build a high temples on all Dutch isles over 300 ft high

the roof must be acid resistant and hurry cain resistant

the Masada the Petra must have a water store be not idle or lazy

the Dome the Medicine Mount must be a rock or an attempt at sanctuary

Temples are REAL sanctuary and not spiritual fictitious false liability

like the shallow temples beside rivers built by protest ing ants in sects

but i love in sects i have 10,000 Christian sects and 10,000 infidel sects

i love them the same do not ask a father who his favorite son is

only a greedy son of a bitch asks a father ” who is your favorite “

the answer is the lost son is my favorite and then the father sheds a tear



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