Washington DC Must be Relocated to Franklin

Washington DC Must be Relocated to Franklin

Ben Franklin the Bipolar left handed ambidextrous Womanizer had many followers such as God

God said the Turkey which does not eat dead meat was good as a Mass Scott

But the Scott’s said ” No we like eating shitty dead diseased skunks and horses as Eagles”

Then God said then you shall fly up into the mountains and be saved as an Eagle

The Scott’s said ” No we shall wait for death in the tidal bays for we do not fear death.”

Then God let the Americans be captured by MEDUSA and sodomized by her whip

and her strap-on penis and thus the masons each have a jail keeper a real bitch.

But now God again says Go up into Franklin and be saved in Ragnarok

3 strikes is my PAUL IS SEE felons like Senators cannot deny me 3 times in a row.

Because i so love America i offer them a Golden Umbrella in Franklin

Not even a small pebble shall break the force field that shall hover above Franklin

But in Washington there shall be 3 strikes and you are out.

some Franklin followers (God) said place the Capital up in a State called Franklin


when stupid Presidents mock engineers retards build 3 mile island

when stupid Presidents mock God ( manna infested in Franklin) they build in the SAND CASTLES

Ben jam in Frank line was a manna infestation of God like E in Stein and Jim Gott Stein

when school bus have no cat o lick dick converter we teach dumb kids to be apathetic

the Potomac is a target and shall also flood 300 feet

that is why Ben asked for to go into the Mountains where he had followers



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