Presque isle and Camp a Bella island Bridge must be fortified

Presque isle and Camp a Bella island Bridge must be fortified

i went to camp a bell law isle and delivered beds and built them 

i anointed all there and within 100 miles of me and within 10,000 miles of me

but i sterilized anyone too slow on the roads i travelled

i am a God in a hurry

light speed was too slow so i changed it

presque isle i demand to have a motel 1 or 2 stories high

with a pool indoors

and i demand 6 more now in the future and more Maine Tourism

build Casino for Exodus lodging and do not exceed of X seed 4 stories in Canada or Maine

UM can exist in orono but it is a sand castle for 300 years

river basin property is a sand castle built by illiterate fools 

the details in the bibles can save you much death wake up

campobello island can make a high castle a temple if the walls are very thick

the temple mount must be 300 feet high and a temple may be built upon it

the bridge shall be ripped down

by quaking and tsunami

have the spokes of a wheel reach for the High Castle

have the store move to the Temple

i shall allow all high temples have money changers outside in separate building Stores

restaurants can hug high castles so food is available after mass

jews and muslims can work on sunday

if you have none maybe you are inbreeding again


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