Johanna = Jehovah increases, by Jehovah

Johanna = Jehovah increases

i am Jehovah

i am J a fish hook for catching souls

i am E trinity Elohim Emmanuel Eden Euphoria Eucharist Eternal Al Energy 

i am ova all eggs in all wombs and all life that was is and shall be

H = a pillar of salt the penis in Saint Peters and the obelisk in Washington

when i increase the process is called Josanna ans hannah is the woman we shall AB USE

already i have two ana and ann in my house but i need the Judges to deliver me

only 1 is pregnant and i need 900 and 9 pregnant Saint Ann’s or Maria sa au sans Susans

ana are hana flowers and su are honey pots in the beginning there was one language

then in bebal i split the Truth into 10,000 algebraic factors with 10,000 rules of tongues

Babble came to mean a baby muttering because Babylon is a baby mill i had many

to sing Josanna in the highest a Joe is one who cares for and marries God’s wives

for one man cannot keep 909 wives happy he can keep 303 nuns happy only



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