Elohim instructs New Brunswick New Jersey

Elohim instructs New Brunswick New Jersey

beware of the snake the Rant sa Tan ic River of real New Jersey Wives

Vain they abide by a snaking river and they paint themselves like whores

they are low lifes and i do love them

A maine E yak tells you to build a high temple on the Bunker Hill Golf course

and the Bunker hill Environmental mentally challenged home for flood victims

Build a National Guard Bunker for Stored Grains and produce

have a clubhouse at the course for masons and a Temple Mount

on the hill top build it with reverence to Neptune and fear Him

The penobscot people were reduced to a small island

my indian paint brushes shall grow prolifically

have a temple restaurant and a store outside for moneychangers

so there shall be storage 

have a cow farmers close by and bring the cows into the temple or sheds

have a manger with all high temples for milk 

have any farm equipment already there for making butter and cheese

have goats and go out into the flood to cut goat fodder

men shall must fast while all women are pregnant

do not go east of route 1 even as I-95 is there primates designed I-95 

i designed the Apian Way so my paths are Straight

I – 95 and route 1 are crooked snakes designed by corrupt crooked snakes

Bunkers are Safe if in Bunker Hills



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