Elohim Instructs Mystic Seaport

the route 1 death line states that some parts of Mystic is good for hip waders

ships must be as far up river as possible or out in 1500 feet of water

no meteor shall strike the sea by my beloved mystic seaport

but any boats or ships in connect a cut shall be cut open if moored shallow

shallow women live on the shore

shallow nurse sharks i shall lead out into deep waters

dirty fish i shall lead into the shallows 

clean fish i shall scurry away into deeper waters

bats i shall make fly away or hide in hot spots in caves deeply cut

horses are food for christians but up high in montana keep some

whores must be wed and given one man to love and obey

Tall ships must head to deep water with real Swedes or Danes or Norwegians

Englishmen may command tall ships or germans ans go into the tribulations

go to water 1500 feet and take down the sails and tie up the mast with streamers

only use bottom sails 

tall ships can be dragged across route 1 and tied up 

all the rivers shall flood but there is barrier isles in front of mystic

once at Saul is buried planes we brought barges up elijah streams

French men can pilot tall ships all sow

they should not be in the saint lawrence river it is a devils chute

in Quebec there is high ground with life and low bars for death and gravel graves

the sober men stand on mounts the drunk men drown in mire in Quebec City

Mysteries shall be solved in New JeruShalom Every Day

mystic seaport managed the death of 100,000 self righteous whales

who mocked their God and ate forbidden foods





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