Elohim Addresses Nepal

Elohim Addresses Nepal

i am NE and i have returned as promised

i have many names as i test your intelligence

I am John Paul Wesley Paul and NE Paul the protector of all Abundant or rare life

i am the fishing partner of Robert an Artist from a palace in Nepal

i have anointed 3 Nepalese and anything they have seen or touched

i love Nepal as if they are a part of me and they are

i am NE and i am Paul so i am NE Paul

kat man do URNS Katmandu do your job and love all 300 Nations

go into the World and make it a heaven with honest work and in making love

if 2 million Nepalese are AB Sent EE workers than know that i am AB your father

i am ABB Arabic for Father my love for Nepal is ABSOLUTE

if 2 million absentee workers exist I demand 5 million more in 35 more nations

i demand Hindu Buddhist and Catholic monks to introduce the Queue Grain

The Queue Grain is manna from 5000 BC and there is 1000 other species

in the coming flood refugees shall come into Nepal sow many foods

in the valleys plant root crops in flt land and build houses up high

low land and meadows are for farming and hills for Tarkins and Goats

yak and musk ox should be farmed in Nepal until the ice age 

the Him Allah Lay Ya mountains shall become glaciers

the Hymnal lay Ai mountains are safe until 2270 when it gets very cold

Before 2265 have carts ready for dragging food and heirlooms down

Build some Airports for Exodus when there is no summers

Keep some Cargo planes near Katmandu and in 2 other large cities

keep the peace in nepal

i forbid bleeding

i shall prove it by taking 1001 women by immaculate conception now

for they dared to be unwed and dressed in red in the sunshine

i shall bath in the BA ag ma take i a penis shooting seed

Bagmati River

i shall meditate and mediate at the Key es save ava at take i a penis shooting seed

now 1000 nepal women are pregnant with a Godess

and 1 with a son NE

i am NE



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