Christ Addresses Californians

Christ Addresses Californians

i love you 

i demand Sac Ram men Tao to breed prolifically for 14 gene-ra-Zions generations

i demand the San ta ANA winds to burn any people who refuse to bear fruits

Fools and infertile grape stealing Eden apes shall live West of the Fault

East of the Fault build cities for City Zens 3 stories high or 33 feet

avoid land 33 to 66 feet its marathon and breaking Tsunami

plant oak trees and nut trees and deep rooted olives 

33 to 66 feet or lower and figs from 66 to 333 ft

plant redwoods along highways on slopes

plant ground cover as Kassava on flats

plant no root crops on slopes

hire Ethiopian herders

allow 25 years


for city zen ship

allow Ethiopian Goat herders to prevent flood and fire

let them have territory by contract and do away with mowing and controlled burns

only you can prevent forest fires hire endentured goat herders and all sow let them wed

let them home school and abide as non-city zens in their own nomad life style of no mad anger

it is a lie that American lifestyle is superior too many go to hell in KALI California Gangs

olive trees have up to 505 or 707 foot roots since i did curse and cure them in droughts

plant 10,000,000 olive trees of a Greek variety they are most  expensive and press oil

build warehouses east of default

move come pan E trinity CEO maine offices East of default

in San Jose move assets up East and farm the ocean fronts

or sell sea shore land to retards who enjoy the view from a Trojan con Dumb

charge them triple for Sea Shore property and thank them at every sale

the shore is almost safe for 300 years

but in 2265 it is not safe

you must hire goat herders without getting in debt so federal laws must change

US immigration PAUL IS SEE is bad evil stupid and decreases GDP

immigrants work harder than inbred cracker jacks and flapjacks

In the City of San ta CREWS i demand burned offer Rings

Crews of Chips need Salsa California High Way Pa Trolls

CHIPS need saul sa gather together illegal aliens

if a Mexican Woman is unwed burn her 

let her select her God man from 10

when she ovulates

this is iam’s dog

iam’s Dog Food is a cure for cancer

be my dog or just die formula feeding causes cancer

bitches formula feed for evil reasons like vanity and stupidity

i am a J E trinity SUS a pegasus a Dove – Horse for PI LOT’s Stay Bells

though me all prophecy and all myths can be explained my life is a message

my life is abundant and infinite the high Plato in California is Socrates Sock Rates High

Sock Alexis bring up greek plants and seed and wives and all people up high in the sky

save some parks for Canadians in 2264 for exodus there shall be hundreds of millions

this shall kill all who did not pantry food or jump inside a womb and fast in the day

if a man steals food in Ragnarok kill him 

mars shall law has been declared we shall go to Mars as Martyrs Marshalls

when we control the Thyroid Gland it is time for Mars Colonies

i have some Mars genes in California on outer islands 

get it and store it the outer Cali isles shall sink

When seals seek another rookery close all beaches 

A large part of Cali shall sink into the sea in Nov 7 2265 EST 11-12 Noon

there shall be a shaking and Quaking Aspen shall drown in San France Sis Co

i do love gay men but they wish for extinction or they can be Fathers to orphans

i suggest the priesthood or monk brotherhoods for gay men and a vow of poverty

and thus they can live with many men in love and father orphans or farm the land sweetly

All California Military land is perfect for mines be mine or drown be mine & plant jasmine

be mine and plant trees on all highways plant 10 million malunggay trees

gay men i demand to burn offerings of Jasmine and let her choose her God

ma lung gay can heal gay men who smoke since they mock me

ma lung gay has 10,000 uses in cull in auri arts to save more and moore and moor smokers

ma ling gay should be used in all chinese all you can eat buffet

plant malunggay in 100,000,000 cities roads and villages and towns

i have blessed it and cured it and it fixes nitrogen and has a trinity of edible parts

malunggay is for California and KALI gangs with HIV AIDS and cancer

plant it in yards and beside city streets and on all paths and eat of it

in soups salads sand wichese casseroles and processed foods

there is now 1000 manna plants on California isles and in the high plato

life returned quickly to the Mount Saint Hell N Volcano Area

this should make you see Ragnarok is not the end 

it is the Beginning of the Reign of Kindness

Today Kindness shall begin in Wombs

Peace Masaya is kicking a LOT

LOTshall give up his Daughter

and UPS them to Kings

in Foreign lands

for Peace

i am






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