Asgard shall protect 28 Golden Umbrella From Meteors

Asgard shall protect 28 Golden Umbrella From Meteors

there is a fleet of 28 Asgard ships in Jupiter moving meteors

with tri dimentional  traction and energy weapons cloaked 

these ships have been here for 1000 years making crop circles

they collect DNA RNA and All EELS

they use Earth water and can hide under the Atlantic in the Sea

they allow me 28 force fields called the 28 Golden Umbrella

these are the most populated places or anywhere i decide upon

meteors made the 400 mile die am me tore Hudson Bay and Siberian Basalt

devils columns were forced up by meteor strikes

do not worry for i am with you

old ladies worry

i am calm

i am

i am Save a Lot Stores

they sell pork fat to infidels

they do not use bags they use all their boxes

you can bring your own bags

i also run Ocean City JOB LOT, came a lot, & Tri State Lottery

i Save a Lot and Mo HAM med LOT JOB and AB RA HAM all ate pork

or wild boars that had a larger range

lar ger ran GE 


i cursed with pork

for we were killers a LOT

Germans come from india and africa

we were killers and murdering mu red err Ring

and Baltic crab gathering women love bad boys and murderers

i shall protect 28 places depending on calculus pro calculations on survive all








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