yashuah reflects on the April 15th gospel of the Catholics

yashuah reflects on the April 15th gospel of the Catholics

The Bread of Life

Wesley joined Pizza Dome staff in 1987 and was a carrier of the Staph of Moses

I decided to take over all mitochondria on Earth by delivering pizza

the Eucharist has become tiny yet it still filled some people

the Eucharist needed renewal so Wesley called 300

John of England Came

35 and 35 Fraternity Brothers came

Wesley delivered 151,151 orders and items

to every nation on the Earth in Easter BA Rook hall and in 7 towns or cities

Wesley always kneeled and he jumped off the steps leaping togo faster

he leaped down the stairs to go faster he ran always to go faster

Adam White a gay man came to help

An italian king a Soucy and his queen came as Whips

We worked so hard we sometimes became sick

a Butch king a butcher answered my call

a few Frenchman such as i answered the call

a black dawn answered the call and many Irish

the Gomms came and the Kelley of Ireland in Belfast came

Aziz of Morocco came

a Mexican came but he quit so i decided to blow up Mexico City (in 40 years)

many people came and we made much in tips

i anointed millions and every Canadian at high stakes Bingo

i sent my Anointed to Anoint by touch to all 300 nations

thus i spread a new yeast variety to every nation

now my yeast even took over the soil

if poor people eat dirt they are saved

key to my plan was taking over pizza hut papa Johns and 300 chains in all

and moors make flat bread with some of my yeast

this is a potential buy Allah logical weapon

this was a coup for now if i need to

i can save or destroy anyone

with a neutrino





clubhouse i delivered pizza to in alfond Arena

Al malik was Samir he helped me at market cafe

Al Fond arena was built my a crew such as my uncle charles

Al Jew Dees brother was killed by a drunk

All the pizza chains helped me report drunk drivers to help increase deliveries

Allah culls with ala culls all alcohol

Allen Kurtz i delivered food to also he is an autism x spurt

i took over papa gino

i took over 300 pizza chains and went to Quebec to take over some rest a rant chains

i delivered 10,000 pizza to indian island

to india and to a delegation of 101 Saudi Arabians

i delivered to Albanians Chinese and New Zealand

i delivered to Dartmouth and 300 visiting teams

i can anoint anointing people to touch others

yeast make soul energy but it is of a specific micro freak win see

pizza has limited yeast sow we began making risen sub bread

i collected the bad checks

i was a police informant since i love the law and the children and the police

the owner usually supported me

Germans helped deliver pizza and i am German too

i reported child abuse and i had many advent Chores at this Advent

this is the story of the bread of life always i give away bread even to birds

i gave the tricycle drivers cheese bread

i anointed the Country Kitchen and LaBrees Bakery for Walmart Snacks

i anointed Nissen Bakery and 100 bakery on the highways to Vegas

in Vegas from sea to sea and mexico to canada at Saint Johns i anointed

the ann ointing was for my 2000 year ana verse Auri and i Announce it now

i am calling the Masons

i am calling the Vatican

i am calling the Elks

i am calling the Templars

i am calling the Shriners

i am calling young nuns

i am calling prests

i am calling all nations

i am calling all tribes

i am calling all clans

i am calling all races

i am calling hindu

i am calling buddhists

i am calling protestants

i am calling Jains’

i am calling Sikh

i am calling Aboriginal original people

i am calling all who have taken of my bread in 300 lands

i anointed many orthodox jews and christians greek and russian and bullgarian

i am calling them

i am calling samurai and knights and jedi

i formed DADD an effort deliverers against drunk drivers

one night i used my radio to bring the police to arrest a drunk

i found a stolen Burger King carpet so i shut down a fraternity

i burned 1 frat for they mocked Apollo Zeus Prometheus Isis and Jesus

i burned it to the ground and pissed on the ashes

i anointed mcdonalds bread the yeast

i anointed burger king and Arby’s and Olive Garden yeasts

i anointed the international pancake house and Denny’s

i anointed Papa Gambino’s, and Riverside

i wore out my ankles leaping off the steps

now my knees are destroyed

i have trouble getting out of bed my joints ache

i trained for a try at hell on and killed demons for many centuries 5

i biked i swam and i ran

then i had no cartilage in my knees

Dr Swett said you are done

then i delivered 151,151 pizza some Dr are perspired or their opinion expired

i demand my knees to heal again

i am pain




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