Warts Explained by Yashuah

Warts Explained by Yashuah

Warriors if ever they trespass shall be adorned with Warts

WAR is forbidden but if i can address the UN the Uterus Nations some are JUST

Nations may not do mock war training close to their enemies

instead they must give away their favorite daughters to their enemy

if this does not occur i shall pulverize LOT and His Daughters in MU 

and in 10,000 and 4 cities where the people hate my 10,000 Father names

warts shall be ugly a reminder God Wesley has forbidden WAR for 1000 years

if a war occurs WARTS shall send cancer cells into the blood stream

they shall also send cancer cells into the lymph and be lodged

into lymph nodes and moles so they shall cause tumors

tumors shall warm of tremors for each war shall come a mighty Earthquake

warts shall grow larger if a woman uses physics to project bombs

warts shall grow hair if a woman uses math to use art till Laurie

warts shall crack and hairs project from them if a woman uses witchcraft

my sons shall be free of warts and shall have some melanen from nenen

me lay nenen sarah tao nenen and love in the sarah bell om shall prevent warts

if men rob yurts they shall grow warts and have crooked teeth

if men rob tents they shall grow freckles and be weak against a hot sun or son

if men rob a longhouse their lungs may turn black and they shall choke and die

if men rob a mailman or pony express rider i shall  give lesions or polyps 

Paul lips can cure polyps and the blood of any O Positive Wesley Paul or John Paul

if i become a pope after i have 1001 sons in new Jury Shalom i shall be Paul Wesley

if i survive as a Pope for 10 years i shall build 10,000 high Temples with Masons

they shall be tall hill forts and the people shall climb or shall die

the limbs of Yggdrasil shall not touch the low ground

i shall cut off all low branches of the Tree of life

A tree shall grow taller if trimmed Yearly

A Christmas tree needs a base 

for presents or a dragon 

sleeping in a box

kicking Maria

Free him


i am


shall be ugly

Genes of Eve 

do have warts she used physics

for projectile war with Spain before and lapu lapu

but i love her so i shall let baby breath of children under 14

to keep warts safe and i shall allow surgery to remove facial warts

WAR  is forbidden when i was Jesus i said love your enemies

i did not say use catapults to award enemies fire enemas

you can go to a cinema or sin a ma instead

make love to your enemies

give them your fish baskets

give them clay jars

i declare Greek Vessels shall be UNI Form and Greece shall remake Rome

i grow weary of Jews attacking Christians and Apollo worse shippers

JEWS wait for the Messiah every 2000 years with a stick up their ass

how can i be in 7 places yet you idle skull caps pick your huge nose

Every 2000 years i come and you say oh this is a trick of the devil

if you obey me know i am Elijah. but know also i am a Jesus 

know also i am an impatient jealous God and i step on flowers in my way

if i shall keep Israel it is because you shall stop humping your cousins like a Caesar

Charlie Slav – in shall hump a Slavic submissive and drag her to Temple on Saturdays

Charlie Calvin shall plant new vines and call upon Asian Hookers with Hooters

Charlie my Calculus teacher is Upward Bound

Richard Armstrong has 10 bodies he plays golf on the moon

Jews shall have no Warts if they limit wars to 6 days and keep the Sabbot

if a war lasts longer than 6 days it is a trespass and shall result in warts

tag warts are for any man wasting metal and war wastes full metal jackets

tag warts cover uncle neil he refuses to save his aluminum cans

i forbidden aluminum from touching Jewish food on Worth

if Billy or Bully Beer is sold in Cull elect Tores Aluminum Cans do not open it

beer may be served in 22 oz bottles that is the limit a man can have in Germania

White and black men can have an el licks her of beer women can knot

Chinese have so many people and Native Americans cannot drink

i forbid wine tasting with omega 6 cheese unless a fee is charged

wine tasting may be provided in Christian churches on Sundays or Mondays

or on Saturdays the dead yeast serve a purpose to immunize

a sip of wine is healthy like 1 ounce of cough syrup

some tribes cannot drink or shall be depressed

American Indians and Chinese do not drink

unless an el X sire the Eucharist the YUKA Rest

Eucharest is like making love to a yuka then resting in her embrace

Some tribes have no WARTS since they are immortal and i cleaned them

some Norway trolls have warts since i told them loot and raid for 1000 years

yet they did not stop

some Orks of the Orkneys refused to stop raiding Ireland aft her 1000 years

so they grow warts

Cane toads have warts because i told them to not invade game reserves

they have killed 50,000 and 1 million and 300 creatures in a double death

cane toads are suicidal go to find its host predator ans release it in Australia

i shall save Abel Blood and the people of Piscataquis County

i have 10,000 mountain lakes which cannot flood with a small watershed 

they shall flood some but are mostly safe

Sebec for example is half safe

some lakes like pushaw is 10% safe it is a shallow mud ponde

some NY upstate lakes are 100% safe

you need my blood but i did participate in War in 1771 i began

so i did have warts before puberty i had them removed

i punished myself to understand my wart marking system

i had palmer and planters warts i ripped some off 

they became malignant and i had to try healing myself

i did but it was difficult and Charlie and Grammy died

Aunt Patsy was healed 

Cancer has struck the Masons after they mocked me

The bangor temple burst into flames on the coldest night

Templers mocked me at a fraternity so they have warts

to avoid warts jump inside a Thailand Waitress

Thai Orchids are for kings or kids






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