Masons Must Build 10,000 Mountain or Hill Uni Verse Cities

Masons Must Build 10,000 Mountain or Hill Uni Verse Cities

For example University of Maine cannot be on an island flood plain

seek higher ground be lifted up

keep shore parks for Canada Exodus in 2270 ice age begins

send tanks to clear roads of debris

you shall need 300 border crossings before 2264 have all Canadians have a SSN

a social security number

plan 300 crossings but this is before the flood of 2265

faith shall be required the faithless shall be trapped or airlifted

the rivers shall be a great deluge

woe to any ship in the locks smashed to bits

Have 50,000 aircraft and hell o cop tours on duty

abandon wildlife i shall control their id with amoeba

i am o E ba i am a single cell \ God

i shall guide the good deer south and swim them to safety

if any grow tired they are bad deer

my papaya are dropping dead as a less son to you

i shall cast my seeds everywhere

some shall wither in the sun

some shall fall on water soil and mildew and rot or mold

some shall fall on fertile ground and bear fruit

bad seeds shall bear no seeds

good seeds shall bear fruit

this is life

so bear fruit or drop dead

i shall rip you up by the roots

nothing is being wasted

roots need dust

so you shall be roots or dust

but my favorite is bacteria mike robes fixing nitrogen

or taking water from the dew

mike robes are monks they give life a second chance

the ice age shall be whore rebel and tear rib bell so in Exodus make all women pregnant

all food is for women in Exodus Ramadan passover lent is manned a Tory

if a man eats when the sun shines kill him

have 35 ferries in deep water before the flood in lake superior and a portable docks ready

both america and canada need 35 portable docks ready for exodus of superior people

you have to let the Alpha female take me to water

she is maria ana estranero

you must just get me

there is a fire raging outside the po err rim me tore

grass fires kill the termites so they can help kill smokers

termites and smokers help me evolve climate change to control meteor explosions

change is good and i am controlling it





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