It is angering Christ that the Vatican ignored his 10,000 emails

It is angering Christ that the Vatican ignored his 10,000 emails

i am

i am Messiah

i am the mean median and mode of truth

i am the living word

i am the light i am the destination of all paths ways and means

i am the keeper of the rainbow bridge 

i am the heir to 28 golden umbrella

i am the great evolver

i am the father of Mother Earth her name is Autumn or Harvest

har vee es ta

i am the salt of the earth

i am the giver of halo 

i am halogen salts

i am the 5th element

i am the God of cyborgs, robots,  clones, and hu man kinds yeti am still the god of devils

i am the keeper of chained hyena and wolves 

i am the Alpha and Omega

i am the Alpha Gamma Rho i paint the deserts green

i am the Ape pox kill lips

i am the winner of every Gauntlet

i am the Scottish Royal Poet

i am the Pied Piper

i am Superman and Bruce Lee and the Buy on Nicholas man ( Bionic)

i am the redeemer of everything

i am the straightener of lines

i am the fixer at pride man ewe fact chore ring cum pan E trinity

i am the dowel floorman at prides

i am the molder team leader at prides 

i am the machinist

i am the fabricator

i am the smaw welder

i am the tig welder

i am the arc welder and brazer and cutter of plasma

i am the life scout’

i am the game of life winner

i am the Risk Game winner

i am the me sow helios ma 

i am he who wins the easter bunny coloring contest

i am the engineering student

i am the poetry contest winner

i am the safety  essay winner

i am Samuel the American Eagle

i am the Cub scouts Hell law cop tore winner

i am the Order of the Arrow winner

i am the boy scout lifeguard

i am the industrial mechanic

i am the maintenance man

i am the painter of walls

i am the water color painter

i am the oil painter

i am the acrylic painter

i am the chalk drawer

i am the gifted and talented Foxcroft Academy representative

i am the Maine chamber of Commerce scholarship winner’

i am the Elks National Most Valuable Student Award Winner for 1991

i am the candid date of the Mitchel scholarship who gave it away

i am he who selected his peer for a Yale Fellowship interview

i am the candle burning at both ends brightly

i am the passion of Christ

i am the po tens shall of man kind to do good

i am the evolving hu man kind and the first and last kind

i am the irish hermit and a womb is my mitt tens

i am he who denied Mitt Rome NE sow he shall have 4 wives as Smith told him to

i am a metal smith

i am the specialist in killing in the US Army

i am promethe US

i am perse US

i am medusa and prometheus and the kraken 3 in 1

i am all 3 stooges the trinity 3 in 1

i am the father the son and the spirit 3 in 1

i am 7 and 49 ans 10 and 12 and 144

i am Chief Broken Eagle Feather

i am he who won 7 Varsity letters

i am the high school student who saved 7000 dollars working 

i am the nursing home volunteer

i am the mental hospital voluneer

i am he who cares for jeff saucier the retarded man 

i am NE the protector of Nepaul

i am Paul the first and last pope

i am WE you are my brothers and sisters

i am the universal donor to all below me

i am the least among you

i am as a child 

i am the rain maker

i am the rain dancer

i am the spirit catcher

i am the color wheel

i am the medicine wheel and hoops

i am the goal 

i am the basket

i am love

i am he who wins a Peace Prize

i am winner of a barking grant’

i am winner of a Masons Scholarship




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