Christ answers the question “do you love me”

I am the Lord. Your overdone questions strike me as greedy. If i love all life and i have 555,555,555 species to love and 7,777,777,777 humans to love, each of you get 1 billionth of a second of “quality time” yet if you sow love, you shall receive love. I love also the people such as pedophiles i shall drown in the sea or stone to death. I love children the most. Greedy people often doubt the love of their father, the Lord, so they rebel. It is a commandment you shall love the lord and your neighbor as you love yourself. If I did not love you i would not make it rain so you shall eat, I would not make the sun shine. In the beginning I was alone and in pain, so i made life so there would be love. Without love we have nothing, sow love instead of self pity with a bitter tone. I am an Evolver, eve o lute of zion. Does a farmer love his wheat, for each year he plants but in the end he keeps 3% for seed and burns 97% in fire as calories. Does he love the beautiful wheat blowing in the wind, even as in the circle of life most shall burn, All people also shall die, this body i am shall stop, but we are immortal and shall be reborn or ascend. The world does need you, You seem so pessimistic cheer up if you can. You know many try to tempt me with “quality time” here the men tempt me with alcohol, tobacco, drugs, as they ignore their children. I number their days. I loved you 10 billion years ago. Whenever 2 of more of you gather in my name there is love, so go and love someone and you shall be loved. 


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