Yahshua Ad-Vices Trump and Bloombergs to take up and rescue 72 Virgins

Yahshua Ad-Vices Trump and Bloombergs to take up and rescue 72 Virgins

island people are breeding prolifically and my mangoes are ripe to be picked

there is an abundance a bun dance shaking on all islands papaya and mango

Israel who are your bill lion heirs they have reached heaven a build it yourself kit

i am not your slav i am not your nigerian maybe they will catch up on the rent ???

Solomon has arrived myself to collect the rent i demand a new Jury-Shalom City

i demand busy bossy Zen teen Scribes like sara ai and hana or yoko yes egg festival whites and yoko

i demand liberal jew cum sluts from jersey as well as orthodox sexually deprived dreamers

i have asked the Vatican for 12 impartial witnesses called apostles in a variety of colors

i have asked 300 nations for empty clay jars of a smaller size

i am a messy Ann Nick mother fucker a fat Jewish Catholic Canadian Cop

with Jain ten dance sees and i rush in to date palm groves and get stung by wasps

i have a company called WAR INCORPORATED and we have just 300 recruits

we special lies in lightning raids and coups in Africa and 6 day wars

We unlike MEDUSA know we must observe Saturday Sabbath so we sneak in some work then just go to the Mall for mass as all the money changers are busy

Some things never change

Billionaires need 72 wives for the islands are overflowing but Neptune screens the boat people using a variety of sharks stupid people vibrate more of fear and the shark hears it easier

lazy idle people do not shake their ass enough so sharks smell the blood when Hades people try to inner tube their fat ass in a large truck tube to America

i destroyed A place called hate E ( hate Elohim )

i blew a horn and 50,000 people died in 15 minutes

if i get a peace offering from Haiti i may allow a high temple to be a safe place

on that island

i shall offer aluminum ore that took me a long time to make as a peace offering

before i created you i knew you would need Aluminum

go to hell into the underworld and find the Bauxite in Hate Elijah island

You shall love me moor than yourself or die of drowning

if i receive no good empty clay vessel smelling of cherries i shall save all of you

and even the dead or we can continue to train in my kingdoms




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