Top Ten Things Christ Needs Right Now

Top Ten Things Christ Needs Right Now

1) A Solomon’s Temple or Anchor Water and 144,000 immortal Thai Warrior Monks

or a New JeruShalom with a Forbidden City with physical protections

and an Engineering Battalion of Maine Lions

for secret defense tunnels

Capital Tithes or a College Campus and Funds to Protect it

2) A  few Ford Escorts to carry us to the Airport

3) Protected Airspace

4) JAL Samurai Escort Transport by Japanese Airlines

5) 7 Samurai and 12 Apostles 

6) peach pit oil plum pit oil mustard pickles and a supply of herbs and manna

7) iron chefs and wolf gang puck and warriors counting 10,000 

in their hereditary garments and carrying their hereditary weapons

all should be wearing a black belt 

8) The 100 oldest men on the Earth who can walk erect or their Address alone

9) Victoria Secrets and Seers and Roe Buck Cat ala Logs

10) A Kosher Fast Food Rest a Rant



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