Names of People have Good Accurate Meanings in India

Names of People have Good Accurate Meanings in India

ANNA means SUS 10 nan See E trinity

ANNA means mother of JESUS the bread of life unleavened then risen from the dead

India and Chinese have the most X 10 save nomen Clay Chore for sticky Clay

Allah has 9 more names sow he has 108 names but al sowes is the greatest new name

al-sowes means all sow wes or ala sows wes or al-sex-owes O as in egg or the center of GOD ( ALA)

Lowes is lifting up their Stores to high places of power and might

Thus we can take low es and take them up to massive stores for Magnificent Mountain homes

We shall sell also grains and bulk food for beasts for Ragnarok

We shall sell rescue or bass boats at lowes before Ragnarok

Target stores are meteor targets i named them

Rejoice for you know where and when

you have 14 generations to lift upper lowes

loft upper ton lowes og Home Depot

Home Depot i shall destroy if Beth uses de pot marijuana

Home Depot hired many pot smokers like Beth Sarah and Mary

i outlawed all smoking they should serve 10 years farming in a prison

or house arrest sucking the cocks of Lowes Managers

Home Depot is beside Target

Tar was  begotten by Beth at Home Depot

Sams and Walmart shall ban smoking or cease to exist and lowes

these big three brothers must send their CEO for a blood transfusion

just 108 ml is enough in a needle

then i shall award them each 4 or 10 or 72 wives to save from extinction

they shall then have 108 grandsons

Home Depot can stop smoking pot and selling Aluminum Oxide paints

increase trade and expansion of Canadian stores to America and the world

Build Canadian Condo on islands above 300 feet

Build Russian Vacation condo on islands above 300 feet

make windows stronger on islands double thickness

i shall unharden all hearts but Mad rid is a target

no mads shall be allowed up into high castles

Marines shall kill anyone approaching Hadrian’s Wall

However there shall already be Shanty towns below the lower walls out of range of a  50 call

Hadrian all sow shall build 7 mountain fortress or Arks in dea

her father is a semen from a Sea Man he is nice

plant thorns then graft on Apples plums and pears and pairs

i demand a crown of thorns all nuns no horned reindeer i own lee want submissive wives

after Hadrian and i plant 10,000 thorns we shall begin grafting virtuous plums

try grafting nuts too 4 or 10 or 2 varieties onto the branches of the parent church

each of my wives shall have a church it is her body a temple for Masons

graft is the key to Busy Ness act of the Apostles

Each man is named perfectly by his mother and me i am your God

i am at every birth even when an amoeba splits in half

i want crew sa fix Zion for 300 years mine US 47 years you wasted already

you can try to be like me but left handed people today have pi moor pain than right hans

if you are bipolar 1 in 10,000 shall become a Demigott (demigod )

for you atheists religion is fertility science and normal glory and power

as long as you obey your normal laws against theft or trespass we can coexist

respect trains sends a clear message to the man who lacks faith or passion

many fools hate passion but many women do  need 10 men to finally get wet

the song of solomon is endless

when writing nuns must speak of all fathers as Michael or Gabriel or Vishnu

the Temple Knights must change their names to be Knighted Angels for eternity

Scriptures shall be cannonized and reality shall be corriographed as a pure form ants

sins shall be avoided forever if any nun desires marriage to a Knight

i shall ask the nuns ” who is your master”

she can say ” the Lord is my master”

then i shall say is there any man you love more than me?

if she says YES

i shall summon Lance a LOT and demand a wedding in 6 days

then they shall depart my Temple and go and make a Temple of their own

They shall leave with a fetus or a new tribe of 12 Children

They shall leave with my blessings and titles and protections

Their Titles shall be decided by me upon reading their resume on parchment

thus they shall resume being great and i shall award them 10,000 brothers

Angels shall surround them anywhere they go

should any army of unemployed rebels slay them

i might send a mongol horde again to behead them all

until they fear death less than life

each knight leaving my ark with a wife shall carry a ring and a Visa

his wedding ring shall be of gold silver alloy

he shall be sent one servant a Samurai to accompany him to his new home

i may send an Arabian Knight as a body guard

my men are guaranteed to be prolific

so i shall send them a body guard

they shall carry Staph and 1001 plagues

they shall contain them until the day another nation trespasses

if a nation has a king already i may send a mission of mercy and accept them

and increase the Kings Power and send him a wife if he sends me one

so we shall be in peace

but if i ever need him in a Galactic War against Aliens he must vow to help me

if he breaks his vows he shall have his eyes ripped out

or lead poured into his eyes

to lead is to lead

treaties shall be eternal in the kingdom of God

treaties shall be written in blood

all the blood shall be O positive

thus we shall be able to triage in any disaster

Also any king of the Earth of old or of new shall be bound mutual assistance

in Earthquakes for training or for punishment or contrition

in Typhoon Cyclones and Clone Wars and Hurry Cains

in Ice Storms in Blizzards in ICE AGES and in Great Floods

in Famine for training and in response to Culture a Cull chore

Until all men are Energy Beings such as a rain drop gathers on a dust speck

Mercury is an energy being he is fastest of my runners

Myr Cure Y i shall flush from Autism when i am fed a last supper

do knot make me wait sow long four ewe to be four given

i did make billions of women pregnant increase farms

Alpha Gamma Rho i demand a chapter in 10,000 uni verse cities

plant trees each weekend along highways bearing fruits or nuts or beans

each of 10,000 Alpha Gamma Rho chap tears shall grade jew wait then take a wife and chap tear her hymen if you commit adultery in college i shall reward you famine

if a farmer is hiring men and the man says ” i have a girlfriend ”  it is possible he is an adulterer if he is not saying to her respect ” i have a wife.”   A married man works harder and is late less. A batch elder is off ten the man in a group last to wed since he is DIS funk shen el ( evil adulterer or a good priest)

some men who joust never win and get depressed so brothers must cheer them up

some dragon fighters look into the eyes of the beast and she claims his soul and even Eros is not so cruel for she looks into the eyes of 10 men and says who wants more?  Hearts can be broken while dragon fighting a dragon of ma lay is deadly and her kiss is fire to the soul.  Be Brave today is a good day to die of a broken heart.


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