General Dynamics is Addressed by Elohim

General Dynamics is Addressed by Elohim

you shall invest in mining equipment for continuous boring machines

you shall divest in war or die

i alone determine fortune 500 business based on their products

i shall order 1000 Abrams today

i shall demand 300 assembly lines dressed to undress

i shall provide you a prophet sharing program and a 4 owe 1 Kate program

Each mill lion heir invested in our 2000 Abraham Super Fortress M1

he is expected to go to Virginia islands and save 4 virgins or i shall be angry

West Falls Church is close to Washington which must be evacuated to Franklin

before 2265 Ragnaroc shall caste a rock close See lose to Washington

Keep 1000 some hovercraft hell law cop tores, and rescue boats in your own lake

design floating helo landing pads for hospitals and strategic locations on earth

hospitals under 3 stories high shall not be blown down 

buildings in Virginia over 33 feet high shall be blown down or shaken from their cheap foundations of cracked poor pour grade concrete.  cure concrete for 333 days keeping it wet

Abram tanks need brain wave detectors to differentiate the species present

You need quieter Abrams i blessed the turret mounts at Mid State Machine

i am present in titanium dioxide

begin coating tank parts with titanium dioxide for titan attack forces

i demand gold tanks that blind the enemy with death rays from solar wind craft 40,000 feet high

plus orbiting death rays of freak win sees that have been unexplored

when i scream i can make the crust of the earth crack open

i am the 5th element

pandora has opened her box and she is horny for 10 engineers

get to work you idle slugs




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