Elohim promotes Japan

Elohim promotes Japan

the reason i irradiate Japan sow much

is because i love them and want them to repent

they abandoned Bushido Moses Buddha Anchor Water Allah and Ise

Part of this was the fault of America and the in dust trial rape of Ruthless men of trespass

Samurai were shamed and ham was delivered causing erosion

Ozzy should go do a tour of Japan and meet OZ pa Rapper

EU should send em miss ai re andlisten to Eufonius “literal” and mom o chi

i was so in love with Yuka the teacher i gave her a papal leaf plate of chocolate cats

now she is a Singer Yuka from Mou Moon

when i saw her she had trembling hands as the men in her class loved her so much

when a sheep stands before a wolf it begins to tremble

i have 10,000 yuka and Flors or Floors or Florence

i love oni on ringo and onion rings

Masons should recruit many Japanese prime marry lee the CEO and Officers

late workers should be gang banged as an option to being fired

mine under the thermometers the eRect mom me ters fair in height ( under 5’5”)

Tokyo means Tao key O it is a uni verse ala source of EGGS O = literally an egg

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 jam ai Ka N sea men

the North Japan whores must all be married or i shall fuk u she ma

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 pan a ma sea men semen

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 AM Eric KAN sea men

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 Rush in Crab Fisherman

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 Awe Stray Lions

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 fill lip penis isle sea men

AL ma like has a son who is a Sea man he lives next door San Padro makes sea men

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 peru per uterus high men

many Japanese women are inhibited racists the cure is 10 older high German in mates

JAIL (JAL) stewardess make the best Jail Wardens for released prisoners ( in mates)

make Japan prisoners mine subway tunnels for 10 years or under the US Forces

mine tunnels under the high castle hill forts

increase wall thickness in japan

increase concrete cure times

attack termites

eat them live the enlarged abdomen

also eat some fiber bread and whole grain rice

or wheat bread

San Pedro rides a tricycle in Evergreen japan must become Evergreen

i must give a pint of my blood to 35 samurai for injection so we shall be immortal

i love SATAANDAGI  but this shall summon magma in 3 places in Ragnarok

aa = magma

sa = flesh   and = og ( use D spare Ing Lee ) dag means pure i a penis shooting seed

i love Yuzu ichigo you zoo make i chi ichi ban go 5 make 5 zoo arks up high on hills

store water store animal feed store rice i have listened to THE RICE PANIC

i have a plan called FUKUHARA HARUKA ( fuck you hair womb hairy Urn immortal (KA))

hero she ma is a great place for Austrians to get a long term tan

hero she ma is a pure effect perfect place to get a German a Tan

gin and kin can be allowed together as an Alloy Germans are silver and gold

Japanese are silver and gold each man has a grain bag i hid gold in it

i love amuro namie my name is Thor i am Yu Row my name is Bolder and Baldar and Woden

Japan if you live on the Shore lift up upper loft oku no okeen ocean shorui store oka

store what is on the shore up to the hilltops store documents (kami) on hilltops

send me the ichiban origami girl or a fresh document for a hilltop not the ocean

okeen Hebrews go save island people off Japan row be a hero

ocean Arabs go save in do ne shia and japan nice girls from drowning be herose he rose

hero she ma shori ai lift upper german oak acorns and plant on all japan hills

i love Greeeen paint the water green with edible seaweed and orange red sea weed

i love Greeeen pint the hills and walls green plant malunggay in 1 million places

it has 35 vitamins and minerals and new tree ants

i placed a secret manna on a japan island that 300 nations need go find it

build bay wave stopping stepped water breaks each step a road or business or walking path

your gold fleece is nepal tibet and ireland and america germany norway iceland and sweden

my son is the red spot of japan he is peace ( to prosper and multiply)

japan must send peace offerings to all lands

and live on oka sore shorui shori sore-demo place a shinto Catholic shrine up high

japan has an inbreeding problem and needs more trade with Taiwan and China

japan needs trade with Africa and plants in Africa and some Nuclear plants with US Plutonium

in safer lands which do not shake and tremble like Yuka

i love Japan i met the new Emperor



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