Yashuah responds to Catholic Collisions Blog

I am Yashuah a Rabbi and your God. Born of Mother Mary Nov 7 1965 I am now revealing myself to you. Blessed are teachers who revere not only Catholic Doctrine but also Jewish doctrine. If you shall call me Christ or Jesus you shall also call me my given named Wesley Christ Elijah Jesus Apollo Krishna Thor Prometheus. I come every 500, 1000, 2000, and 7000 years, Blesses are teachers but if ever you stray from the ethic our ancient covenants demand i shall allow 40 demons to enter public schools and respond the the declaration of War liberal US Democrats have made regarding prayer in schools and dis man tilling parents rights to stop their children from evil and sin, I commend you, many rabbi ( teachers) teach evil ethics. Thank you. I shall help you forever and ever. I have outlawed smoking, alcohol, illegal drugs, warm rape,and dating without a parent present. Date palms on earth shall no longer be able to self Paul innate or they shall be destroyed. Take note. Seek the 5th element for a halo. Seek goku kola in low doses. Seek halogen salts to code halo genes. 1 small dose of lithium for a halo or grind David sunflower seeds twice or dust them in a blender with a the husks ass passion fruit dragon fruit and mango then drink it. Use green tee instead of black tea. Avoid coffee as at a certain age it shall triple bone loss in sexually inactive women. Even in men if they are unwed coffee causes bone loss and gout and arthritis. Mustard pickles reduce symptoms of joint pain. Kissing a spouse in the sacred sac ram men take sacrament of mary age Marriage boosts liver functions by 7% to 35% in 7 seconds. We cannot tell 7th graders but oral sex in marriage consumption in post men a pause ala (icelandic for to nurture) women reduces bone loss, For calcium take 1 roll aid or tum with any spaghetti sauce or acidic meal. Sorry so longwinded; i am infinite. Thanks for teaching kids to be safe i shall destroy any government which prevents prayer in school, or witch allows birth control to be taught witch is witchcraft and i Elohim shall allow witches to be burned. Sex if for love and is marriage. Any woman should know she should obey her husband as if he is a God, but young men are not ready to be masters so these little girls if by nature women must shun the young men, or i shall plague them with 35 STD diseases until they are dust. The Trojan occupation of my wife Hell N shall force me to launch 1001 ships (STD and pandemics that target smokers, adulterers, and that target trade centers who conspire to sell poisons and poison ideas to 7th graders in any nation on my planets. Selah
I love you i shall make it rain in 3 deserts in your honor tomorrow tu ma ro
PS you are pregnant and God is the Father. Love your Joseph.


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